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2022 Apartmentalize Exhibitor Summit - Shared screen with speaker view
Chris Hood
Hi this is great info! Could you send the presentation out afterwards please?
Leslie Deniken
Apartmentalize sponsorships Please use this form to select your sponsorships for 2022, for both Apartmentalize and Ad Hoc.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeyZRERJ7mNjjk5vTRmL7s4T28Vfs4tB9SgGT7PHI2gPWxPDA/viewformPriority selection is based on lottery results, which I've attached. We will begin assigning sponsorships based on top tier partner https://sponsor.fernexpo.com/apartmentalize/
Jefferson Davis
Hi Elizabeth! I just got off a webniar with Rebecca Orens, she says Hi! :-)
Leslie Deniken
Here's the link again https://sponsor.fernexpo.com/apartmentalize/